History of the Library

The inaugural meeting of the Library Board was held on January 25th, 2007, in the building that would soon be known as the Taylor Public Library, located at 10008 – 104th Avenue, Taylor, BC.The members present at this meeting were: Bev Leighton, Christina Reier, Dianne Rosentreter, Betty Ponto (Councillor, District of Taylor), and Keir Gervais, Community Services Director for the District of Taylor, who was temporarily acting as Chair until one could be appointed. Absent at that time was the 5th board member, Richard Nosek, who was in the process of moving away from Taylor.

Mayor Fred Jarvis led the election process to elect a Board Chair and Vice-Chair. Elected were Bev Leighton as Board Chair and Betty Ponto as Vice-Chair.

The next step was to find and hire a Librarian for this new Library. After the interviews were completed, a new Librarian was hired – Sherry Murphy’s first day of work was May 1st, 2007.

Over the course of the following months there was a lot of hard work from Miss Murphy and some very dedicated volunteers. The library needed to have all of its books ready for opening. This process meant going back to the ‘card in a pocket’ system with a card catalogue. The reason behind this endeavour was to wait for the Province of BC to move forward with their plans for the introduction of the Evergreen operating system (now known as SITKA), thereby not having to put one electronic carding system in place and replacing it with another soon after.

5000 items later and Taylor Public Library opened its doors to the public on September 8th, 2007.

Photos from the Grand Opening of the Taylor Public Library. 
Mayor Fred Jarvis.
Andy Ackerman - Chair of Peace River Association of Libraries.
Ene Haabniit - asking Taylor Public Library to give a Dragon a new home.
Our first Library Board Chair, Bev Leighton.
Brennan Created the Library's Logo!
Mayor Fred Jarvis.
Andy Ackerman
Board Chair
Peace River Assoc.
of Libraries.
Ene Haabniit – PLSB
Asking Taylor Public Library
to give a Dragon a new home.
Bev Leighton
Our first Board Chair

Brennan McLain

Creator of the Library’s new logo!

Cutting the Ribbon!
 Original TPL logo by Brennan McLain          TaylorPL Logo
Cutting the Ribbon!