Eric the Juggler

Updated 2017/07/29

Eric the Juggler

Eric performed a show for the Kids Kamp attendees and leaders. This group of approximately 30 kids ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old greatly enjoyed the performance. Eric juggled everything from hacky sacks to pins, and knives to small bear traps (yikes!) The reaction from his audience was filled with laughter and ‘Wows’ and even a few shrieks of terror when the knives, saw, or axe came out. A few times, Eric the Juggler asked for participation from the young audience and/or the Kids Kamp leaders to help him with some of the tricks.

CW1  CW2  CW3

After the performance, this large group was divided into two more manageable groups. With each group Eric coached the kids on the first steps to juggling using scarves (as these were slower to fall and easier to catch), to spinning plates on sticks, to challenging the kids with the diablo/flower sticks, and finally hula hoops.

Each coaching session left enough time for the kids to practice their skills with any of the scarves, plates, sticks, or hula hoops (but not the “sharp” tools that Eric had in his kit).

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Overall, it was something different for these kids to do and be a part of which showed through as these young participants were fully engaged while learning and practicing their new tricks.